RealFood Acquires FDA and Expands into New Segments
Brad Tyler

Collaboration is imperative; multiple minds work better, and faster than one. Design projects involve an array of intelligent, experienced, and passionate thinkers who specialize in a certain area of expertise. The best projects foster collaboration and communication between members of the project team.

Brad Tyler

Design Specialist

In his role as a designer, Brad helps clients to discover their vision for a foodservice space, by iterating various solutions to provide the most efficient, and in some cases, the most unique designs that facilitate the desired guest experience. Always balancing aesthetics and function, Brad is proficient in nearly every 3-D modeling, rendering, and post-processing software. He applies his learnings and experiences in the architectural field to the foodservice industry and is always learning more about new technologies and equipment available to our clients.

Before joining the RealFood team, Brad was a critical member of DAIQ Architects in Somerville, Massachusetts, and several firms in San Diego, California. He holds both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in architecture.

updated: 3 weeks ago