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Douglas J Sharma

"Our philosophy is to always be as detail-oriented as possible, and at the same time, when multi-use thinking is applied to any concept, the yield is bound to be interesting and innovative."

Douglas J. Sharma

Design Specialist

Representing a mosaic of skills, Doug approaches design projects of the present with a futuristic (and fresh) perspective that culminates his design acumen, chef training, marketing expertise and studio art background. Doug cultivates a design environment that celebrates ingenuity and high-minded thinking, while employing systematic protocols to every exploration, yeilding foodservice design outputs that are both creative and functional.

In addition to operating his own gourmet food market and catering businesses, Doug brings an abundance of experiences to the design process at RealFood, including his work with Ford Motor Company’s subsidiary, Spin. Here, he harnessed design capabilities to deploy electric scooters in the impoverished communities of southside Chicago. In addition, Doug has worked as part of various multidiscipline engineering and design teams, including D B Sterlin Consultants.

Douglas holds a Master of Design from Illinois Institute of Technology, as well as two bachelor’s degrees from Carnegie Mellon University. He also completed the University of San Francisco’s program for restaurant, culinary and catering management.

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