RealFood Acquires FDA and Expands into New Segments
Michael Petrowski

Every person has a voice, and every voice has a stake in strategy. Understanding the perspectives of all employees, from the ownership to the most junior staff, will always give clients a leg-up on their competition.

Michael Petrowski

Strategy & Operations Associate

Michael blends his experience as a business analyst with his knowledge of the hospitality industry. He is adept in creating systems and financial structures, and he believes that incorporating competitive analysis and market research into hospitality strategy can make the difference between a great operation and the best operation. At RealFood, he helps clients use data and analytics to make sound business decisions for their hospitality establishments.

After graduating from Franklin Pierce University with an Accounting degree, Michael worked at John Hancock Investments in project management and analyst roles. Michael was charmed by the hospitality scene while working in the evenings as a line cook, server, and manager in local restaurants. He committed to the industry when he returned to school to receive his Master of Management in Hospitality (MMH) at Boston University.

updated: 3 months ago