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Michelle Doucette

My personal and professional network inspires me to show up every day at my very best, to be kind and to constantly learn and grow. Meeting new challenges feeds my desire to be as helpful as possible, in any situation. This is why hospitality is my calling.  

Michelle Doucette

Strategy & Operations Specialist

Michelle’s unwavering commitment to service culture drives her passion for creating successful hospitality experiences. Her knack for building motivated teams within organizations is reinforced by her proficiency in organizational structure, leadership training and talent acquisition. Always trusting in data to inform decisions, Michelle supports clients in operations improvement, training, P&L management and other key areas that energize hospitality businesses from the inside-out.

She brings a wealth of knowledge to RealFood clients, with a long career in F&B operations for Radisson and Marriott hotel brands and award-winning independent restaurants. Her most recent role as a consultant specializing in hospitality operations and business development informs her direct, yet supportive approach to client relationships. She holds a bachelor of business administration, and shares her time to volunteer for causes near to her heart.

updated: 4 months ago