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Brand Extensionists & Visionaries

We’ve seen many organizations successfully extend their established brands into the food service space. From taprooms to tasting rooms, we know that ingenuity and systems-based thinking are crucial for these kinds of projects. For any business to grow successfully, it is critical to develop a thoughtful, practical plan that provides the framework to transform a vision into reality. We’ll work closely with you to understand your goals, expectations and the experience you want to deliver. From there, we’ll help to identify opportunities, create a strategic plan, and support the plan with sound financial data. Once the foundational framework is set, design development brings the vision to life.

  • Identity Mapping
  • Operational Growth and Expansion Planning
  • Conceptual Framework & Guidelines
  • Operational Model Development
  • Brand Strategy & Visual Identity Development

RealFood is fantastic at troubleshooting in challenging circumstances, all while making sure things are done the right way and deadlines are met. It’s clear they have high standards for the work that’s done under their watch.

— Rebecca Fitzgerald, Chief Operating Officer, George Howell Coffee Company