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A Call to Action for the World of Hospitality

A Call to Action for the World of Hospitality

These are challenging times. At RealFood, our team is painfully aware of the crisis that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought to many of our friends, partners and clients across the hospitality industry; no segment of our world has gone untouched by the ongoing situation. But as someone who has spent much of my life in the trenches of hospitality, I know one thing is for sure: The amazing people who make up the hospitality industry are strong and are not going to go down without a fight.

As we endeavor to pivot and shift our businesses, to continue to survive during stay-at-home orders and modify operations for reopening, we clearly have much to do—guidelines to navigate, new service models to master, leases to renegotiate and personal struggles to travail. But amongst all this tragedy, I offer a call to action…let's start moving forward. Let's start collaborating. Let's put all of our collective experience together to look to the other side of this chasm and reinvent our businesses, the experiences we deliver and the hospitality trade as a whole.

Together, let’s create a new paradigm.

That’s what we’ve been starting to do at RealFood. The world of hospitality changed in a single moment, and over the last few weeks, we have been exploring, collaborating, and listening, getting ready for what’s to come. We are asking all the questions, even the ones that are difficult. So much still is unknown, but as we sit today, we look forward to the unknown. It will be how we all work together that will make us come back better. Yup, we said it, BETTER.

Our team at RealFood is here to help—in any way we can—today and tomorrow. We are committed to do all we can to reestablish the greatness of the hospitality business.

And while we work to get through this, I am personally committing to be a resource for all of you. Call my cell at 617.308.6086, email me at [email protected].

We are here if there is a question to answer, an idea to explore or even just connect in these disconnected times. This is not an appeal for business, this is an appeal to allow us to help. We will get through this but only by collaborating to think beyond the ordinary, and the team at RealFood is here to be part of that.

Please take care of yourself, your family and your staff. We will get through this and I look forward to building to the future with all of you.

Ed Doyle
President, RealFood