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An Amazing Journey...

As I sit on my hotel balcony, overlooking the beaches of the Gulf in Kuwait City, listening to the morning call to prayer from the mosques around me, I am struck by how fortunate I, and my company, are. Traveling the country, and now the world, to work with wonderful clients, in amazing places is a gift. To work together to achieve visions, resolve problems and find mutual success in an industry that I have loved my whole life (and get paid to do it) is more than I could have ever hoped for. At RealFood, we have an amazing team   and an amazing client list   with exciting projects and new challenges every day. The fact that we sometimes get to do this work in cool places, like the Middle East, just makes me appreciate what we have that much more. Sometimes, when you are grinding out really dry work like order guides, purchasing specifications and costings, it is easy to forget that the work we are doing is going to set somebody up for more opportunities and maybe, just maybe, to be as lucky as we are now, back to my spreadsheets.

updated: 7 years ago