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Inside Private Clubs: Serving Customized Experiences

Champion Hills Country Club Private Dining Room Design

Eighty-seven thousand. That’s how many different drink combinations can be ordered at Starbucks, according to an article in The Wall Street Journal. The popular coffeehouse experience is designed to accommodate a consumer’s differentiated choice for something as simple (and personal) as a cup of coffee.

Private clubs have been catering to this culture of customization for decades, but most recently, the concept of personalization is being designed right into a club’s physical space and operation. In private clubs especially, we aren’t just serving food and beverage anymore, we are serving experiences.

Applying this forward-thinking approach, Champion Hills in Hendersonville, North Carolina, recently redesigned its dining amenities with an eye toward creating highly memorable member and guest experiences. A member-owned club set in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, Champion Hills completed the renovation of its 25,000-square-foot clubhouse, including dining areas, earlier this year. In the newly designed spaces, members are able to choose their environment, their view, and their food and drink preferences, resulting in an infinite number of ways they can dine at their club. And it was all designed to operate that way.