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Menu Development - Rigoletto

chef finishing off dish with a blow torchchef stirring ingredients in a metal bowlfancy square dish of layered vegetables and drops of saucedish with medallions of pork artistically arranged over pasta

Our team has been getting busy in the kitchen this week with Chef/Owner Alexander Herrera, perfecting our favorite dishes and making the final cuts before the official Rigoletto menu rolls out. The new North End eatery will be the second for Chef Herrera, who is also responsible for Revere’s Antonia’s at The Beach.

Rigoletto will put a modern spin on traditional Italian, creating innovative dishes to pair with the extensive wine list. Chef Herrera, along with the RealFood team, have taken special care to incorporate fresh ingredients and craft a unique menu that will bring new flavor to the neighborhood. Boston s North End is already a popular spot for Italian restaurants, so Rigoletto’s success will depend on providing the highest quality of food, meeting the highest standard of service, and showing a personal style that sets it apart from the existing local concepts. RealFood has been with Chef Herrera throughout the process to ensuring that no details are overlooked as he prepares to launch his latest venture.

We are eager to fire up the new kitchen at the Salem Street location so we can get cooking again and put on the finishing touches. Check out the pictures for a sneak peak at our menu development sessions, which were held in the Antonia s kitchen.

Stay tuned for more details as we close in on an opening day.