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MRA Weighs in: Putting Your Schedule into Your POS

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The Massachusetts Restaurant Association (MRA) and RealFood President Ed Doyle surveyed MRA members on how they execute various operating procedures. When it comes to good restaurant business practices, some members confirmed they follow them, and some admitted they don’t. Find out how you fit into the landscape of best practices.

Do You Put Your Schedule into Your POS?

Putting your schedule into your POS has big benefits. The schedule being in your POS enables you to generate an actual to scheduled analysis, so it’s one of the best tools to avoid overtime and manage payroll.

Putting your schedule in the POS has real-time corrective effects, too. For instance, it can prevent workers from punching in early and late. Most systems can lock an employee out and need a manager to override the system if they try to clock in outside their scheduled window.

You paid for these systems when you bought your POS. Why would you not use it it will make managers accountable, control your staff and maximize profitability. Last we checked, these are all good things.