"In order to be a good leader, you need to be an even better team player. There is always room for improvement; if you're not improving, you're leaving no room for growth. I am always willing to learn and improve, not only for myself but for the organization."

Rachel Chappell

Office Manager

Anything and everything enterprise-related runs through Rachel’s capable hands. Her ability to prioritize, execute and marshal the team through decisions keeps RealFood systems running smoothly. While much of Rachel’s work is behind-the-scenes, she is front-and-center in the business engine that powers efficient processes, team synergy and successful client relationships. She oversees the logistics of various RealFood offices, ensuring each satellite location is in sync with the Northeast office as well as Troon’s flagship in Scottsdale.

In her prior roles in restaurant and medical office operations, Rachel sharpened her ability to quickly adapt to her environment, practiced the patience required to lead a team, and find-tuned her expert organizational skills. (Rachel’s knack for organization is way beyond normal standards.) Rachel is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth.