RealFood President Ed Doyle Agrees That Diverse Dining is the Future for Golf Clubs

Wycliffe Golf and Country Club Salmon Dish

The First Call has taken notice of the nation’s top golf resorts investing in new, diverse dining options. Post-COVID, with more Gen-Xers and Millenials playing the game, there is a desire for varied and healthier menus, in both fine dining and casual, grab-and-go offerings. RealFood President Ed Doyle was mentioned, agreeing; “the top food and beverage executive of Troon Golf, which operates more than 800 golf facilities around the world, agrees. Diversity in food and beverage offerings is increasingly important.”

“The modern consumer is consistently seeking value, but not always from the perspective of price point,” says Doyle. “They are relying on us, their favorite clubs and resorts, to offer food and beverage experiences that mirror their lifestyles, which are busy, scheduled, and multi-faceted.”

“Doyle, who describes his company’s approach to dining as “ease, consistency and multi-dimensional,” paraphrased a hospitality adage: One bad meal can ruin an otherwise exceptional stay. “In the end, the hospitality experiences we deliver determine whether people will come or go in the future,” he said.”