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Kernwood Country Club

Salem, MA

Helping F&B Find A New Identity


When leadership at this historic North Shore club came to RealFood, the food and beverage programs were not representative of the ornate original details of the property and beauty of its natural surroundings. Membership could articulate the kinds of experiences they were looking for and knew they were achievable because they had been delivered in the past. The goal, then, was to turn some dedicated attention to the kitchen, dining room and banquet facilities to identify opportunities and solutions that would ensure member satisfaction and operational efficiencies on a limited budget.


RealFood came in as a fresh set of eyes to observe how everything was done in the front and back of the house. We spoke with Senior Leadership and staff, surveyed members, and watched how events and meal services flowed. Our time on-site allowed us to make a robust set of recommendations to put Kernwood on the path to F&B excellence. The club board elected to keep RealFood on as a trusted advisor for the three months following our assessment. This time was dedicated to supporting the club’s Senior Leadership team, through regular calls and meetings, as they implemented the highest priority recommendations.



RealFood recommended that a new Executive Chef be brought on board to breathe fresh life into the culinary offerings and execution. In partnership with this position, and the Clubhouse Manager, we were able to lay the foundation for a foodservice operation based on clear goals, systems, and standard operating procedures. During our time together, the following were developed: a new food menu, clear onboarding and training materials for new and existing staff, financial and management tools to help ensure achievement of key metrics, and a new inventory/ordering technology to streamline these indispensable tasks.

Photos via Kernwood Country Club

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