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La Campania

Waltham, MA

COVID-19 Reopening: Strategic Advisory


La Campania, a family-owned and award-winning Italian restaurant, engaged RealFood to provide hospitality strategy, design, and operational advisory to reopen this restaurant in the COVID-19 environment. The owners sought guidance and support to sustain the restaurant’s financial viability while implementing health and safety requirements required by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the state of Massachusetts.


The owners looked to RealFood to interpret the COVID-19 guidelines and develop a customized Reopening Action Plan. The objective was to optimize the indoor and outdoor footprints and to fully utilize the newly allocated sidewalk space for dining while keeping guests safe and following mandated health and safety protocols.



The Reopening Action Plan contributed to La Campania resuming operations and maintaining the high level of hospitality and culinary excellence expected of this longstanding, Zagat-rated restaurant. The plan incorporated safety standards and best practices, a compliance checklist for employees, and on-going training programs. RealFood reconfigured the indoor, patio, and sidewalk dining spaces to maximize seating capacity. Traffic pathways were also mapped out to streamline operations and access while maintaining required social distances. Decorative flower boxes, latticework, and heat lamps for the expanded outdoor space enhanced the restaurant’s warm Tuscan ambiance and overall guest dining experience.

La Campania RealFood COVID19 Strategic Advisory Services
Photos via La Campania

updated: 1 year ago