Rising Eagle Publick House


New Concept for a Multi-Unit Restaurant Group


The Turners are a successful, multi-generational foodservice family that never rests on its laurels. With three seafood restaurants and a fish distribution business, the Turners were ready to try something new. When a space in Melrose opened up across the street from one of their restaurants, they saw it as an opportunity to fill a gap in the market and bring some history back to downtown. Their ideal concept was a public house, one with a unique service model and modern takes on old New England food and beverage.


RealFood worked with the Turners on several tracks to prepare the new concept for market. We sat with ownership and collectively validated the operating model to ensure it would be efficient and well-received by both loyal regulars and new target customers. Together, we laid out a detailed customer journey map that would become the foundation for a consistent and intentional drinking and dining experience. As a fresh set of eyes, we observed the kitchen space and design to provide guidance and facilitate the successful realization of the Rising Eagle experience. Working closely with the chef, we developed menu items, refined ideas, and brainstormed clever details that would surprise and delight customers.



Through the many conversations about Rising Eagle, RealFood was able to act as a trusted advisor and a neutral party among a family of owners. We helped streamline the physical design to ensure it would function efficiently in the long-term, and advocated for a modified style of service that was less labor intensive. The completed journey map helped every member of the project team – from ownership and architect, to hourly service staff – stay on the same page and remain true to the conceptual vision. The Publick House opened to much praise and has redefined the standard of a thoughtfully operated, hospitality business within the community. By providing a high-quality and differentiated experience without many of the traditional full-service elements, the Turners have created a refreshing new model for their portfolio and their customers.


The Boston Globe tells the story of the much-anticipated opening