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Viscariello Hospitality Group

Plymouth, MA

Leadership Training For An Elevated Guest Experience


The corporate team at this multi-generational Italian restaurant group has a history of investing in their teams and their businesses. For this project, they came to RealFood wanting to develop and implement a robust training program for all Front of House managers across their eight locations. The management team consisted of both new and tenured leaders so the training content needed to be diverse and approachable for various levels of knowledge. Training on food and wine, hospitality, and finance were all important to ownership in order to build a consistent set of standards and a unified base-level of understanding. In this way, they hoped to help create a more uniform experience for every one of their guests, regardless of which store they frequented.


The training occurred twice each week and allowed leaders from different stores to meet one another and collaborate. The weekly topics fit into four modules: hospitality and standards, wine and sales fundamentals, a menu refresher, and financial basics. The modules ran from two to five weeks each, depending on the manager’s level of knowledge and the complexity of the topics. All training sessions were between two and three hours long, to ensure a concise and impactful depth of understanding and were designed intentionally engaging, interactive, and relevant to the management team’s daily needs.



The feedback throughout the training was positive from all participants. The most valuable aspect of the training was the managers’ ability to be with, and learn from, one another on a weekly basis. Their shared experiences, knowledge, and perspectives allowed them to absorb the training topics as a group representing the holistic company, rather than as individual locations. Each restaurant leader took away different tips and tricks to use in their location and was able to pass many tangible skills down to his or her staff. The understanding that new systems were being rolled out across all eight locations, based on a cohesive training program, made implementation less of a burden on daily operations. Morale and productivity increased because management felt they had support in making positive changes within their stores and support to build out the tools required.

updated: 1 year ago