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Video: How COVID-19 Has Transformed Hospitality Experiences

The reopening of restaurants, hotels, country clubs and other gathering places is just the beginning. The new era of hospitality is upon us. Trends that were already underway in our industry are being accelerated by the Coronavirus pandemic, and new ideas are emerging.

In our brand new video series, RealConversations, we sat down (or more appropriately, logged into a Zoom room) with six hospitality industry experts, all coming from different sectors, viewpoints and backgrounds. We talked about how our industry can redefine what we do, create new ideas, and move forward to deliver hospitality in a way that continues to bring people together.

In the first conversation in the series, Ed Doyle, president of RealFood, talks with The Smoke Shop BBQ's pit master and owner, Andy Husbands, and digs into how we move forward from today’s Coronavirus crisis to the future of the hospitality business.

In this video:

- The role of safety and enforcement inside the hospitality experience
- Consumer palate for new menu items
- How the beloved “table touch” will look different
- The value perception of the “takeout bag” experience
- Future restaurant design with off-premise in mind